Hidden Hollow Farms


      Welcome to Hidden Hollow Farms. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality stock. Quality is not expensive, its priceless. We focus our genetics on soundness, hardiness, growth rates, carcass quality and prolificy. We provide an excellent selection for both the commercial producer and the purebred operator.

     Our 240 acre farm is rolling pasture land suited perfectly for the grazing of our 25 head cow calf herd and our growing 130 head ewe flock. We are located 12 km east of Delburne, 70 km east of Red Deer Alberta, in the heart of a good agriculteral community. We purchase our winter feed from local producers affording us the luxury of top quality feed. 

     The Flock 

     We are a closed flock of purebred Ile de France, Rideau, Texel, Canadian Arcott, and a F1 program, selecting and retaining only the best qualities of the respective  breeds. In our Ile de France x Rideau (F1) cross program our foucus is to produce high quality Alberta Lamb  with low input costs. We select our replacement ewes for high lambing precentages, milk production, maternal instint, hardiness and out of season breeding.  We breed our F1 crosses in two groups (spring and fall) to high yeilding, fast growing Canadian Arcott sires. Lambing in two groups provides better marketing opportunities as well as utilizing our lambing facilities more efficiently. Our purebred program is focused on producing high quality breeding stock for our customers as well as enabling us to stay a closed flock while still growing our F1 program. We are always trying to improve and diversify our bloodlines by bring in new genetics through semen and embyos.